6 useful link to speed up your IT-job


Immediately test if your regex is working with a right side panel:

Explanation of the regex

Stats of the match

Dictionaries to quickly find your regex patterns


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Sometimes you are supposed to have two big identical text it’s almost impossible to immediately say If there is differences

Instead of wasting your time just copy-past your two texts and let the computer doing the job for you


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json formatter

How to instantly know if your 180 line Json is valid ? Just send it to this url and know exactly where you did wrong

You can also use it with XML code and to beautify your inputs


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A free and useful link to prepare your design and share them with your coworkers


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json place holder

When you need a quick api for testing purpose (your front-end for example)

You can use this website who allow you to use any kind of api request


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Same problem different story, it’s also possible to get random image

This technique is great to see how nice your design will a lots of different pictures without spending 1 hour to inflate your ressource folder …



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