Which PHP framework to use for building more secure and robust web apps?

There is no doubt that technology has made great progress in the recent half-century. In the modern age, thanks to using computer programs we can save our time and do different tasks without leaving our place. For example, we can do the payment online by using web apps without going anywhere. Besides that, unlike the past, it also became so easy and time-efficient to build web apps via frameworks.  For example, as a PHP framework Laravel can be used for that purpose due to its following advantages.


First of all, unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel provides us with all the new features of PHP. For instance, we can make use of the newest features like Namespaces, Interfaces, Overloading, Anonymous functions, and Shorter array syntax only in the Laravel framework.


In addition, all Laravel versions are produced with the right documentation. And by using that we can get a proper and detailed explanation about coding style, methods and classes.


Moreover, by using the Laravel framework we can secure our app against different attacks: SQL injection, cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting.


In conclusion, in order to have more secure, robust app and to get rapid development, it is always good idea to start with Laravel.
Emil Azizov

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