How to save your time by using Google search properly ?!

How to save your time by using Google search properly?!

Today we can not imagine our daily life without google search. But usually it takes us a few minutes to get the result(s) we desire. On this article we will learn how to save our time by using google search properly:

1. Filter Google Search results by filetype

To get only files with specific extension you should type in Google search box

filetype:pdf Keyword

If you want to find documentation about PHP programming language
php documentation filetype:pdf – (Click here)

2. Get Results only from one specific website:

If you want the data from a particular website, then you can ask Google to look for information on this site only. To do that just type this:

keyword site:sitename

To get information about apps only from just type:
apps – (Click here)

3. Get rid of unwanted terms from search result:
Google also helps us to avoid some terms in our results by using specific keyword in search box:

Let’s say you are you are looking for horse power of animal horses (animal) not cars. In order to avoid horse power related with cars you should use dash “-” operator in search box:

Horse Power – animal – (Click here)

4. Find the meaning of abbreviations
To know what the abbreviation stands for you should use following search keywords:


define:ict – (Click here)

5. Find exact term or phrase you are searching for:
If you want Google to give you exact phrases you are looking for you should use “” (double quotes).

“Your keyword”

“We make everything automated” – (Click here)

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