Did you know that?

  1. The first app was programmed by a female, called Ada Lovelace.
  2. The first game was made in 1961.
  3. The first time a virus was made in 1983.
  4. The first software “bug” was reported in 1947 as a dead moth.
  5. The first programming language was FORTRAN. created in 1954 by IBMer named John Backus.
  6. The C programming language succeeds later another one called B. This is why it is called C
  7. Java was called as Oak from the name of that tree that grew outside the window of James Gosling.
  8. HP, Microsoft and Apple have one thing in common – they were all started in a garage.
  9. There are 698 programming languages in total.
  10. Programming can learn you a new method of thinking.
  11. The first hard disk drive was invented in 1979, and could store only 5MB of data.
  12. Perl is usually identified as the “Swiss-Army knife” of programming languages. Because you can do many things with it.
  13. The world’s first app bug was reported by Grace Hopper on September 9, 1947.
  14. Did you know the first computer bug was named due to a real bug as shown in below pic? So how it happened?! Grace Hopper’s coworkers at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, found that their computer was delivering errors repeatedly. When they opened the computer’s hardware, they found a moth. The trapped insect had destroyed the electronics of the computer. (Please look at the image)

Emil Azizov

P.S: Several resources were used for this article.

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