How to Play Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on Linux with Lutris

I love space games.  Strategy games like Stellaris, physics games like Kerbal Space Program, and space simulation and combat games like Rebel Galaxy.  Recently the prequel to Rebel Galaxy entitled Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was released.  I’ve been waiting for this game for over a year.  The only problem is that I have a bad boot profile for my Windows partition and it’s going nowhere fast.  Luckily there’s ways around this.

Before RGO was released, I installed Lutris on my Elementary OS machine.  Without any additional configuration at all (besides installing the numerous dependencies for things like DXVK), I was able to install the Epic Games Store.  A few minutes later, I was able to open the original Rebel Galaxy and jump right into a game.  Considering that Double Damage Studios was using the same engine for RGO, I decided it was a pretty safe bet that Linux would support the game as well.

It wasn’t quite as easy as the original, but running Rebel Galaxy Outlaw wasn’t super complicated for a Lutris novice like me — after I found the Wine Tricks options on the Lutris game menu.  They are below the Play button…  Looking at the screenshot, however, they aren’t very obvious.  Trust me, they’re there.  You might need to install Wine Tricks to see them.

After selecting Wine Tricks settings from the hidden menu, you’ll need to adjust the environment for Epic Games Store.

Make sure that following DLLs are installed into the Wine Tricks environment.  I wasn’t sure which of the dotnet environments did the trick for me, but felt it was safer to append DLL rather than remove.

With these changes, I ran Epic Games Store again, went straight to the Library, and started my updates.  Double Damage seems to be releasing updates every day.  They are doing a really good job keeping up with patches and to be honest, I haven’t encountered anything patchable in the first place.  True professionals.

Every time I open the game there are updates

And that’s about it.  This game was really easy to get running once I understood the dependencies and understood there was a Wine Trick option on the Lutris menu.  I was dreading learning how to manually setup the environment but in the end it was just under the Play button.

Also isn’t extremely ironic that I’m running RGO on Elementary OS ‘Juno’.  Juno is the name of RGO’s main character. I just felt compelled to point that out.  Help I’m such a nerd.

Go play the game, it’s great!

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